Over time, we are maintaining and enhancing the estate.  These enhancements are of course available to our clients.  We have already put doors and a lined ceiling on the function centre, which adds to comfort.  And we are working with a number of locals to preserve and maintain the place in a way which is mindful and respectful of its heritage.

The single men's quarters, otherwise known as the smoking room, is a part of the stables which we have rescued from near-dereliction.  Set up once again as a period room, we think it will besmoking_room an excellent place for the groom to take some Dutch courage before the ceremony.  To remind him of what is awaiting, we have kept the original chains found in the room on the walls as well as other original items from around the estate.  In clearing out a few decades worth of accumulated floor covering, we discovered a large sized pack of zig zag smoking papers.  This is why we also name the room the smoking room and have added ash trays, cigars, cigarillos, cigarettes and lighters.  And of course a crate of Speights.  A number of interesting bottles also seem to pass through this room.

Strangely enough, the blacksmiths (adjoining room) is currently undergoing conversion into a distillery, which produced some excellent pear brandy last year.  This year we are refining our techniques and pushing for greater quantities.

As we get to them, more interesting areas like this will be made available to our clients to enjoy and enhance their special days.