Being in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed.  Summer is Dec, Jan Feb.  If you like heat, then this is the time to come.  Christmas and New Year are our peak seasons and require advance bookings, as does April which is a popular month with cyclists.  The shoulder months (November, March) are probably our favourites - the weather is not so hot, there aren't so many people, and the country is just as beautiful.  April has also been a superb month in the last few years.

hoar_frost_023In Central Otago specifically, we have very little rain.  Agriculture is permitted only through the development of extensive watercourses fed by our local mountains and dams.  I'm told that Central Otago has about half the rainfall of the Sahara Desert!  This means that most of our days are useable in outdoor terms.

The seasonality of the place, painted on a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and high country is something which we consider very special.  We have four full and very vivid seasons to enjoy.  The heat of summer, joy and blossoms of spring, stillness and crispness of winter and deep colours of autumn.  This is truly a destination which can be enjoyed at any time of the year.  We have cycled the rail trail as a family on a lovely sunny day in the middle of winter, with no one else in sight.

Summer has daytime local temperatures in the 30C+ (85F) range, but always dropping at night to around 15C (60F) or lower.  The shoulder seasons go from daytime highs of 20C+ (70F) to night time at around 10C (50F) or cooler.  Winter can throw some hot sunny days of 10C+ (50F), rising from -5C (25F) or lower at night.  Twenty degree daily variations are common.