We only support ethical free range hunting.  We do not provide 'behind the wire' trophy hunting.  As hunting enthusiasts we have a wide range of contacts who can deliver outstanding experiences to novice or experienced hunters.  We also have a policy of always using the game from any hunt in a variety of wild foods.  These can be prepared for you if you wish in the cases where we are allowed to by law.

Red_Stag_resizedThere are a number of animals in the area which offer truly world class hunting.  The very steep mountains are a true challenge to the purist hunter who will trek all the way to the summits in search of chamois.  Some combine mountaineering with hunting.  This, however, requires phenomenal fitness and time.  For those with a little more paunch and budget and a little less time we recommend helicopter transportation up the mountains followed by foot stalking.

Chamois are found in the mountaintops, often in spectacular surroundings, and offer a challenge even by helicopter with stealthy stalking required over steep terrain and finishing in usually a long shot (150+ metres) against a prey with superb eyesight who will have been watching you for a while.

Red Stag have been so successfully established in New Zealand that they have been treated as a pest by the Department of Conservation.  Luckily they have left some for recreational hunters.  Our favourite hunts for these are over in the high country north of Wanaka.  That is where the photograph above was taken.  Two stags can be seen in the bottom left making their way away from the photographer.

Elk/Wapiti and Fallow Deer are also available although in less substantial numbers.

Rabbits and hares are a well known pest through the Central Otago region and provide some very interesting, varied and beautiful hunting.  From long shots on hares in high tussock through to night-time mobile spotlighting for rabbits and the ultimate - shotgunning from a low flying helicopter.  Then we have a number of recipes which show why this meat was always historically valued.

Wingshooting is also excellent in season - May through to the end of September.  Mallards, our own paradise ducks, pheasant and quail bring some variety to the pot.

Pig hunting is also very popular but requires a high level of fitness as your run downhill through dense scrub to catch the dogs and pig before they do each other too much damage.  We are working on air-dried wild pork according to an old French recipe and look forward to developing something truly mouth-watering.