Winter Sports

Winter is a magical time here.  Particularly the hoar frosts which are a photographer's paradise.  The mornings are crisp, the fires warm, and it's a great time for soups, stews and mulled wine. 

In the region we also have a number of unique winter offerings:

- outdoor ice skating at either Alexandra or Naseby

- curling at Naseby or on the occasions when a 'bonspiel' is called, the Ida Valley

- Australasia's only luge track at Naseby

- wilderness cross country skiing which we are evaluating up in the Oteake

- and of course the downhill runs at Queenstown and Wanaka (which you can get to by helicopter if the budget allows) as  well as heli-skiing of course, where we have access to a number of private and exclusive mountains

- jetboating on the Wilkin River is very beautiful in winter, and I'm sure that taking a classic convertible to the pub would be just as enjoyable as in summer!