The Church

The St Paul’s Presbyterian Church was built in 1911 at Becks, just up the road. The first servicechurch_aisle_web was held there on 26th May 1912, and the closing service by uncanny coincidence on 26th May 2002. Prior to the building of the church, parishioners were invited to worship in the Lauder Station homestead, which points to a long relationship between the properties. Although, as with most historic documents of the time it is difficult to distinguish between the existing Lauder Station Homestead and the old Lauder Station Homestead (here).  In any case, we at Lauderdale are now the guardians of St Paul’s, which is still available to Becks parishioners.

The Church was eventually closed due to falling attendance, although at its height there were only 20-30 worshipping regularly. However, this was at a time when every hamlet had its own place of worship, so it was a thriving community church.

From 1946 to 1952 after the Becks School burned down, the Church was usBecks_original2ed as a classroom and a number of locals have fond memories of moving pews for Sunday mass.

The photo shows the Church before cladding which we think happened around 1960. As with the rest of Lauderdale, our aim is to maintain, enhance and preserve this treasure.

The church is obviously available for weddings and can seat 60 comfortably or 80 at a squeeze.  If necessary, we can remove the pews at the back to make more standing room for people.